Branch Manager

Engineering Excellence, Columbus, OH

REPORTS TO: Regional Manager

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Plan, coordinate and direct the overall operations of the Branch
• Accountable for the KPIs of the Branch, to include but not limited to:
o Safety
o Labor Productivity and Efficiency
o Tech Lead Turn Rate
o Inventory / Working Capital
o Customer Satisfaction and Call Backs
o Employee Retention
o SE Standards (appearance, process, etc.)
o Operating Budget
o Others as defined by Area Manager
• Evaluate strengths of the service and installation departments and maintain a staffing level consistent with business activity.
• Execute Area training plan making use of NATE certification to ensure quality service delivery. Track NATE and professional training certifications for all technicians.
• Plan and coordinate all service work and installation projects.
• Handle customer service complaints in a professional manner with the focus on “more than satisfied customers” in all decisions.
• Support the sales department by 1) answering technical questions and recognizing applications, and 2) supporting the Lead Coordinator in maximizing the Sales Lead Program.
• Coordinate with Area to recruit, hire and train all branch employees (techs and supervisors).
• Assist Service Technicians, Installers and other technical staff with major problems as necessary and ensure key processes are created/maintained ensuring department effectiveness and efficiency.
• Coordinate inventory management with branch supervisors (parts and equipment)
• Coordinate staging of installation jobs (with production supervisor if the center has this position)
• Maintain standards for uniforms and appearance
• Responsible to execute standard Service Experts processes and ensure all technicians following best practices and policies / procedures
• Responsible for local assets assigned to the branch (vehicles, FAST devices, computers, facility, etc.) and coordinate with AOM as appropriate
• Responsible for payroll requirements for branch employees (timesheet submittals, approvals, etc.)
• Keep a master file of technical information on all manufacturers’ equipment for reference purpose.
• Develop and maintain active roles in the local community (business networking organizations, community activity involvement, etc.).
• Provide leadership, direction and support to their team and others in the Branch.
• Deposit cash and checks in local accounts. Mail required financial records, PO’s, invoices, etc. to Area office for processing.
• Ensure work is conducted in compliance with state and local regulations and in accordance with licensing requirements.

Health & Safety Roles & Responsibilities:
• Lead by example by coaching and supporting the health and safety program with-in branch.
• Review on an annual basis with the workers their responsibilities and measure their performance against these responsibilities on an on-going basis.
• Conduct information sessions (safety talks, staff meeting, tool box talks) as prescribed by the company program(s) or procedure(s)
• Conduct Branch safety meetings as prescribed by the company program(s) or procedure(s).
• Correct or provide the resources to correct substandard acts or conditions that you may come to light whether identified by a subordinate or personally.
• Conduct or provide resources to conduct health & safety training as prescribed by the company program(s) or procedure(s)
• Conduct health and safety observations as prescribed by company program(s) or procedure(s)
• Conduct Accident/ Incident Investigations as prescribed by company program(s) or procedure(s)
• Comply with your duties as prescribed by local legal jurisdiction.

• Ideally, will possess strong people management, leadership and professional skills and experience
• Exceptional written, verbal, interpersonal and organizational skills.
• Training and coaching skills
• Exceptional problem-solving and planning skills.
• A complete and thorough understanding of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other relevant office software.
• Demonstrate aptitude to gain knowledge of servicing & installing residential & commercial HVAC equipment and accessories.
• Ideally will possess a post-secondary degree/diploma in a business or technical field.
• Ideally will possess 3-5 years of management experience in the HVAC/Refrigeration and / or Home Services Industries.
• Demonstrated significant leadership and/or management responsibilities in previous positions.
• Good understanding and overall knowledge of the HVAC/Refrigeration industry.
• Demonstrated commitment to the delivery of customer-focused service & installations.